More about me!

So who am I?

Hi. I'm Daniel and I'm a soon to be graduating with a BSc(Hons) Computer Science at the top of my class in both 2nd and final year with over 600+ students. I have been gaining an average grade of 90% across all my modules. Beyond my education achievements, I also gained over 5 years of working experience in the IT industry. In areas such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd line desktop support, server management to web development including designing and implementing large applications using languages such as Java and PHP which are still used today.

Aside from my love for technology and development my interests consists of spending time with my wife and travelling around the world to places which I still yet need to explore and create new memories to enjoy. In these experiences, the one thing I thoroughly enjoy doing every time I visit a new location is scuba dive. After officially receiving my scuba diving license in Koh Tao, Thailand I have managed to scuba dive in areas such as the great barrier reef, and South East Asia.


Here is what am I currently doing!

I am working on several projects and these include open source projects on Github and creating an online course(s). I have already contributed to some online projects but I am looking to getting myself even more involved by helping the development community even further. This includes answering questions on public development slack channels and stack-overflow threads more specifically in Java but also where possible in other languages too such as PHP.

Another project I am working on is creating an online course(s) to which I will be releasing and making it available on some of the most popular platforms such as Udemy and Skillshare. Possibly in the future, this will include Pluralsight. In Parallel I am in the preparation phase in creating a podcast to focus on bringing the development community even closer to discuss common misconceptions in development to which scare new developers into this field. Of course(s), I am planning on covering programming concepts and language-specific content in general 😆